The Consortium carries out its activity in compliance with the law, internal regulations and ethical parameters. In this context, the Organization, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01 (Model 231/01) and the whistleblowing system were drafted and applied.

Ethical Code

Model 231/01



The consortium acts taking into account its responsibility towards the environment and society as a whole.

According to this view, the management of the environment and of health and safety at work is prioritized according to an adequate system, aimed at the continuous improvement of environmental performance and safety standards.

The objective of the Consortium is to minimize the risks for the territory by maintaining a high level of attention on emerging technologies in order to identify solutions, economically sustainable, which guarantee greater effectiveness and efficiency in the prevention and reduction of environmental impacts.


The Blue Line Consortium Group invests every year in the training of its collaborators to maintain and improve the quality of the product and the services offered. A team of experts analyzes the active processes and carries out regular audits and meetings to develop and implement company procedures.


The Blue Line Group Consortium has decided to pursue a prevention policy and safety management system, considering it an indispensable value and a priority in company decisions.

In particular, the Blue Line Group Consortium is committed to pursuing the following objectives:

1. Giving value to Security on the workplace through the following activities:

  • Create a safe workplace;
  • Increase the culture of safety between collaborators and between associated companies;
  • Specialize and update the collaborators making them more and more competent and qualified through the motto “more knowledge, more security”;
  • Creating a sharing and pleasant workplace;
  • Constantly assess health and safety risks at workplace, managing them with the aim of preventing accidents, injuries and disease occurred on the workplace;

2. Always be prepared and have the resources to manage, contain and reduce emergency situations.

3. Be aligned with customer prevention and protection requirements.

Michele Gentile
The Employer