The Blue Line Group Consortium is specialized in the production of tubular manufactures and in the preparation of pipes for the passage of water, oil, oil, air, black water and gray water, according to a “turnkey” logic.

The construction of iron, stainless steel and conifer, polyethylene (PE 100) and polybutylene artifacts takes place within the workshops of the Blue Line Consortium Group in Monfalcone (GO) in an area of ​​approximately 40,000 square meters.

All staff is trained and updated to meet the highest quality levels required by the customer.

All welders are qualified according to the WPS (Welding Procedure Specification) -WPQR (Procedure Qualification Record) proper to the Blue Line Group Consortium developed in accordance with the technical specifications of the customers

The production is ISO 9001: 2015 certified.

The company, in its factories, considered it necessary to invest in the Industry 4.0 to grow and manage more and more numerous and complex data.

Innovation has involved both plants, machinery and technologies used and the development of skills and human resources.

An area of ​​production was dedicated to final surface treatments of sandblasting and painting in order to be able to offer a complete service to the customer.

Once the construction is completed, the finished product (sandblasted and painted interning according to specifications) is subjected to non-destructive testing. Once the checks have been passed, they are taken over by the assembly teams, present in shipyards throughout Italy, which assemble the line on board the ship, based on the assembly plans provided by the Customer.

The Blue Line Consortium Group manages more than 40,000 pipes per year by division and quality control.