The Blue Line Consortium Group was founded in 2007 and brings together a nucleus of professionally and technologically prepared companies, in order to take on works, supplies and installations for naval and industrial realities.

In the naval sector we are able to handle with excellent management, turnkey jobs, a wide range of processes ranging from construction to the preparation of engine rooms of ships – cruise ships, yachts, offshore, merchant ships and platforms – to the construction of systems in “skid” modules. We specialize in extraordinary maintenance operations at sea, operating all over the world, obtaining approval and satisfaction from the shipping companies.


Inaugurated in October 2013, the head office in via dei Boschetti 57 in Monfalcone makes a large composite structure available to members of the consortium, where production work is performed.

Over the years, with the increase in workload, the Consortium has expanded its area by acquiring two further neighboring warehouses working on a total of about 40,000 square meters.

The plants have been studied and are continuously renewed in order to make production more efficient, safe and compatible with the environment.


The consortium is present in Italy in the shipyards of Monfalcone, Marghera, Ancona and Genoa and in ships sailing all over the world: from the Mediterranean to the North Sea, from the Americas to Asia.


The vision of the Blue Line Consortium Group is to grow and represent, both for the national and foreign market, a point of reference in the “turnkey” sector construction and fitting of pipelines with high quality standards.

Thanks to the various investments and to the strong evolutionary thrust, the Consortium has new structures, equipped with top quality machinery, oriented to a logical and functional division of the processes into distinct departments able to facilitate and accelerate the processing flows, implementing previously outsourced services to third parties.

Having integrated all the production phases has allowed the management of the entire production cycle within the Consortium, streamlining procedures and optimizing time and resources.

The founding principles of the Consortium can be summarized in the concepts of “good impresa” that is in the centralization, optimization and enhancement of human, structural and financial resources, in order to guarantee quality and efficiency to the client and a management of safety and quality of work and ran even greater respect for the environment.

The constant training, an efficient administration, the optimal use of every available resource, a look at the future and technological progress are considered fundamental ingredients to overcome the constant objectives that the Consortium has set for itself year by year.


The Consortium carries out its activity in compliance with the law, internal regulations and ethical parameters. In this context, the Organization, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01 (Model 231/01) and the whistleblowing system were drafted and applied.


MODEL 231/01



The consortium acts taking into account its responsibility towards the environment and society as a whole.

According to this view, the management of the environment and of health and safety at work is prioritized according to an adequate system, aimed at the continuous improvement of environmental performance and safety standards.

The objective of the Consortium is to minimize the risks for the territory by maintaining a high level of attention on emerging technologies in order to identify solutions, economically sustainable, which guarantee greater effectiveness and efficiency in the prevention and reduction of environmental impacts.


The Blue Line Consortium Group invests every year in the training of its collaborators to maintain and improve the quality of the product and the services offered. A team of experts analyzes the active processes and carries out regular audits and meetings to develop and implement company procedures.