Monblock Project

The Blue Line Consortium Group, in collaboration with the FVG Region and the Province of Gorizia, completed the MONBLOCK project, which involved the training of lay-off personnel, in order to obtain the qualification of pipers and naval welders.

The Blue Line Consortium Group and FVG Region – The MONBLOCK TRAINING PROJECT presented in Monfalcone

“Monfalcone, 20th of February – Now we have to make the real qualitative leap and re-launch the Port of Monfalcone: a port that does not play the part of a port is of no use to anyone.

Support the growth of the Port of Monfalcone by networking it with Trieste and Porto Nogaro is essential to give Friuli Venezia Giulia a truly competitive port system within the Upper Adriatic System.

If we reach this goal, we will also have created the best conditions for economic and employment development not only in the Isontina and Giuliana areas, but throughout the whole region. ” This is how the president of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Debora Serracchiani, spoke this morning at the Blue Line Consortium Group of Monfalcone at the presentation of the MonBlock training project, which will enable forty young welders and pipers to be immediately hired at the end of the professional course.

The initiative was launched thanks to a synergy between the public and the private sector, through a system in which participate the Region FVG, the Province of Gorizia, the ENFAP and the Consortium for the industrial development of Monfalcone.

Serracchiani said: “This is the demonstration today that when two worlds, that of companies and institutions, talk to each other and find the ability to work together, things work: behind the success of satisfying the work demand of the naval engineering companies through a specialized training cycle, there is the idea of ​​a Region that has been able to become a dynamic actor in the labor market, proving itself capable of creating a system and investing resources for concrete results “.

In presenting the Project, the Councilor for Labor of the Province of Gorizia Ilaria Cecot announced that at the Employment Centers it is possible to enroll in the training cycle for the few places that are still available.

The course includes thousand hours of teaching, half of which are reserved for in-company training.

For the practical part, thanks to the intervention of the Region and Province, respectively of 20,000.00 and 30,000.00 euros, structures were created that simulate the spaces of a ship, thus offering the opportunity to apprentices to understand the quality standards of labor and security.

Satisfaction was also expressed by the managing director of Fincantieri Giuseppe Bono, who acknowledged the Region to have given a significant boost to employment and to the training of young people. “We need to transfer to our children – said Bono – the pride of manual work, offering them in this field important career prospects based on merit and commitment”.

At the ceremony, beside the President of Region FVG Debora Serracchiani and the Fincantieri C.E.O. Giuseppe bono, took part the president of the Province of Gorizia Enrico Gherghetta, the provincial councilor Ilaria Cecot, the mayor of Monfalcone Silvia Altran, the president of the Consortium for the industrial development of Monfalcone Enzo Lorenzon and the vice president of the Blue Line Consortium Group, host and motor of the initiative, Domenico Gentile.